State on the west coast of the United States of America.

The majestic views of the rivers are what make Alaska truly exceptional. There are so many options for where and what to fish that it’s easy to see why Alaska is such a special place. Alaska has more than 57.5 million acres of defined wilderness.

If you are looking for an escape from your daily routine, Alaska is the right place for most anglers. The streams, rivers and lakes of Alaska host a wide variety of fish.

There is an opportunity to catch Coho salmon, Sockeye salmon, Chum salmon, Chinook salmon, Pink salmon, rainbow trout, northern grayling, brook trout, pike, halibut and others.

Alaska is best known for freshwater salmon fishing. Trout fishing is popular in the right season, right after salmon spawning.

Fishing in Alaska is a lifelong experience, no matter which fishing lodge or guide you book.

Licenses can be obtained online.

Methods: spinning, fly fishing, bead fishing, …

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Egegik River, Alaska

Fishing camp on the river Egegik

from 110.000,00 Kč Per person