Denmark is a very rich country in the fishing world. Perhaps few people know that Danish rivers like Skjern Å and Karup Å are some of the best salmon and trout fishing areas in the world. Fishing is possible here on lakes and rivers, as well as at sea. Both from the shore and from a boat or kayak.

Fishing rules are different for each river, lake or area. Not only rivers but also lakes and reservoirs will pleasantly surprise you with a rich stock of trout and other predatory fish. A popular area is also the Danish Limfjord in the north, where fresh water mixes with salt water.

A fishing license can be purchased on your smartphone or at and at tourist offices. Certified accommodation will also help you. To fish on the lakes, it is usually necessary to buy a local fishing license. The most popular fishing methods are fly fishing and spinning, as well as the method of match fishing and carp fishing. The most caught fish are sea trout, salmon, brook trout, thinlip mullet, garfish, herring on the east or west coast, then seabass, cod, mackerel, flounder.

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