Hungary has warm, clean fresh waters. The most common fish are carp, grasscarp, catfish, pike and zander. Fishing is very popular here and there are about 400,000 registered fishermen. The most visited fishing areas are the Danube and Tisza rivers, as well as Lake Balaton. Private fishing lakes (ponds) are also very popular, and sections of rivers in the north of Hungary are suitable for fly fishing. There are also many other rivers and lakes suitable for fishing.

In Budapest, fishing is allowed in some parts of the Danube River and on 13 lakes in and around Budapest.
The water area of ​​the country measures about 130,000 ha, of which 70,000 ha is used by fishermen and fisheries organizations and 30,000 ha by fishermen alone.
A wide range of water areas is protected by the environment, but this does not limit fishing activities.

In Hungary, fishing is regulated by law.
The fishing license (state fishing license) is valid for one year and is sold by the government.

Regional licenses
License for territorial waters are issued by a license holder who has fishing opportunities for a specific water area. It can be, for example, a fishing association, a company, an individual or a government.

Private water areas
Fishing on private aquaculture does not apply any state regulations. No state fishing ticket required. However, the regulations of the owner or operator apply.

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Location offer

Marcalgergelyi, Hungary

Lake with a log cabin in the Marcal Valley

from 490,00 Kč Per person
Carp Dream Lake

Tornyiszentmiklós, Hungary

Carp Dream Lake

from 6.625,00 Kč Per person

Adony, Hungary

Island Lake

from 986,00 Kč Per person

Dáka, Kispodárpusztai-víztároló, Hungary

Neverland Lake

from 625,00 Kč Per person
Balaton Lake

Szigliget, Hungary

Balaton Lake

from 3.549,00 Kč Per person

Székely, Őzei-víztároló, Hungary

Carp Heaven

from 625,00 Kč Per person
Valley Lake

Székely, Őzei-víztároló, 4534 Hungary

Valley Lake

from 2.000,00 Kč Per person
Paradise Lake

Szigliget, Hungary

Paradise Lake

from 2.899,00 Kč Per person