One of the most famous freshwater areas in Italy is the river Po, which is famous for its monstrous catfish. Successful fishing techniques are lure fishing, but also shore fishing with slip float. Other common fish caught on this river is carp, parma and zander.

Fishing pelicense are purchased separately for each province (region).

Italian lakes are also well known, offering various forms of carp, large grass carp and sturgeon.

Location offer

Silver Lake , Italy, Pavia

Silver Lake

from 5.600,00 Kč Per person

Ghost Park Lake, Italy

Ghost Park Lake

from 4.900,00 Kč Per person

Atlantide Lake, Italy

Atlantide Lake + Predator Park

from 4.900,00 Kč Per person

Porto Viro, Italy

Houseboat on the river Po

from 8.300,00 Kč Per person

Localita' Piane di Chienti, n.45, 62010 Montecosaro Scalo, Province of Macerata, Italy

ASD Mariotti Lake

from 5.590,00 Kč Per person

Via Moreggio, 5, 36040 Orgiano, Province of Vicenza, Italy

Carpcenter Laguna Blu

from 6.600,00 Kč Per person

KoiLand Lake Pesca Sportiva, Italy

KoiLand Lake

from 3.915,00 Kč Per person

Aqvatika Lake, Strada Terranova, Frassineto Po, Province of Alessandria, Italy

Aqvatika Lake

from 4.800,00 Kč Per person