In recent years, Slovenia has become extremely popular with both local and foreign fishermen. The most popular and in most areas the only permitted fishing technique is fly fishing (fishing with an artificial fly with a single hook without a barb).

Season: April 1 – October 31 (Best time is May and June, September and October.)

The most visited localities in Slovenia are emerald green or azure blue rivers. The most famous rivers suitable for fishing are the Soča, Sáva Bohinjka, Savinja and others.

Another icon of Slovenia is Lake Bled. Amazing lake in untouched nature with lots of trophy fish or Most dam. Caught fish: marbled trout (up to 1 meter long), brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, hucho.

Fish caught on the lakes: carp, trout, catfish, white fish.

Fishing licenses can be purchased from fishing service providers.

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Farma Kafolu, Prapetno, Slovinsko

Soča River

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