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Hytte cottage house

Hasvik, Norway
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The price of renting a cottage for 6 people for 10 days is 42,800 NOK, including two 50HP Yamaha aluminum boats.
The price of renting a cottage for 4 people for 10 days is 29,200 -NOK, including one 50HP Yamaha aluminum boat.

The cottage is located less than 300m from the sea.
The cottage has 3 bedrooms with 2 beds.
The rental of the cottage includes 2 aluminum boats Kvaerno 50Hp equipped with an echo sounder with GPS and a nautical

The distance from the port to the cottage is about 300m. Each ship is equipped with a plastic water-resistant box with a set of rockets in case of emergency.
Right next to the boat mooring there is a covered filleting room with freezers.

Harbor, filleting room, ships and nautical map
2 Kvaerno 50Hp aluminum boats with echo sounder, GPS and nautical chart
Each ship is equipped with a plastic water-resistant box with a set of rockets in case of emergency.
Right next to the boat mooring there is a covered fillet with freezers.

Do you want to see Alaska and do not want to travel by air across the Atlantic? Travel to one of the northernmost places in Europe – the island of Soroya. There are no roads inside the island, the surface of the island is very hormonal and hides more than a thousand freshwater lakes and in 80% of them no one has ever caught.

This unique island is sorrounded by the waters of the Barents Sea, which means that specimens of huge mother cod 130cm-160cm stay here all year round. You will receive a voucher directly from the chat owner. We will advise you hot places where you can capture well in any weather.

The island of Soroya is one of the best places in the world to catch huge specimens of cod and halibut.
Sørøya is unique in deep-sea fishing, the main season lasts all year round!

From March to April, cod sails to the fjords to wipe out. The sea is practically boiling. The Arctic climate offers winter storms so hard that you will not see the tip of your nose, but also the calm sea and clear sky. Although you can stay in the port for several days due to bad weather, you have a great chance to catch trophy fish here in these months.
This season is for the most demanding of all!

May, June and July offer the most stable fishing weather and beautiful sunsets. That means long clear days and endless time for fishing. The dream of the big cod attracts the most deep-sea fishermen here in the summer. In addition to chasing the big cod, summer can offer an intense fight with big fish or a hunt for a big halibut. Halibut is a mysterious fish that scientists know very little about. Some roam, while others stay in a small area all their lives. The population of halibut around Sørøya has grown in recent years. For many of our guests, the dream is a huge halibut up to 100 kilograms. Small halibut up to 40 kilograms occur mainly in shallower waters and can be caught throughout the season. However, the huge halibut remain in deeper waters for most of the year, but at the end of the summer it moves to shallower waters to feed there. If you are one of those who dream of fighting a giant halibut, the good months are August and September. The fight with this giant is the final test of masculinity.

Our hosts will always provide you with help and advice in the area of ​​fishing grounds.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.
Big Fish Adventure – Hasvik Hotel and house accommodation is one of the oldest and most famous providers of deep-sea fishing in northern Norway. There is no better place for deep-sea fishing than Sørøya. The landscape is rugged, stunning and almost untouched. The water is clean and full of fish. We are located far to the north, right next to the Barents Sea. The Arctic landscape offers magical sunsets and polar nights with magical aurora borealis in winter. Here your dreams of giant cod, monstrous wolf or big halibut will come true.

How to get here
By plane
Every day except Saturday there are flights from Tromso to Hasvik airport and back, connected with SAS flights to / from Oslo and international flights. You can find flight schedules at
By car
Many of our guests from Europe come to us in their own cars. We will be happy to advise you on the trip.



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Hasvik, Norway


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