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Camp Ebro (Mequinenza)

Mequinenza, Spain
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1 week

Water type

Fresh water, Salt water

Group Size



Czech, English, Spanish


Fishing camp

is located on the upper Mequinenza dam, 5 km from the famous fishing town of Caspe. It is one of the best places on the upper dam.

The house is right by the water and all kinds of fish are caught here (catfish, carp, zander, perch).



There are four rooms in the house, the number of beds can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Professional guides who are on the Ebro year-round will advise you on the best places to fish and what lures to use.


You can rent all fishing equipment, including boats, echo sounders and rods.

– The possibility of self-cooking, or using half-board or full-board.

– Countertop freezer and fridge available

Common room with television and fireplace

WIFI internet connection

– Outdoor seating under the pergola with grill

Fish on the Ebro


They are caught basically all year round.

Carps from 60-90 cm are most often caught.

If you devote 2-3 days to them and feed them intensively, you have a good chance of getting over the one meter mark.

They are caught on a classic carp assembly. No special equipment is needed. Halibut pellets, which you can buy directly at the campsite, are the most common baits.



The Ebro is a paradise for catfish. There is an incredible amount of catfish here, they have ideal conditions for reproduction and plenty of natural food. Catfish grow well over 2 meters long. The upper weight category rises almost every year.

Several ways to fish:

– pellet fishing (possibility of purchase at the campsite)

– spin fishing

– trolling



It is fished all year round. Usual catches are from 50-80 cm. There are periods when several dozen zanders are caught daily.

Several ways to fish zander:

– spin fishing with artificial lures

– trolling


Black bass

Black perch – around 3 kg and 60 cm.

It is caught mainly in the warmer months.

Different types of wobblers, rubbers, glitters, poppers are used for fishing.



Perch appeared in the dam about five years ago and only a few were caught. But in the last two years there is usually almost no problem to catch these fish.

Fishing methods:

– spin fishing

– vertical spin fishing

The size caught is between 30-40 cm. (biggest caught in the camp – 56 cm)


Tuna fishing

Tunas are the most sought-after fish species by fishermen. There are many other species caught offshore, but tuna is still the most popular for anglers.

daily fishing :

– all fishing equipment included in the price – rental of rods

price for a trip to the sea – 580 / euro including fuel

– the service is suitable to combine with fishing on the Ebro

Comfort and convenience when fishing

You can sit right next to the barracks under the pergola, or by the fireplace, watch TV and fish. You can hear your bells on the rods all the way to the bedroom.

You walk to the boat – only 20 meters, and go to places that suit you.


Don’t want to burden yourself with shopping and want to devote yourself to fish?

The staff will be happy to shop for you every day.

There is no point in bringing everything from home, here in local shops they are similar to the ones in everywhere.

Pellets for catfish and carp fishing can also be provided (20 kg costs 60 euros). These pellets are of much better quality and have much more protein, a higher content of halibut oil, and most importantly, the local fish are used to them.


Do you want advice on fishing methods?

The team has many years of fishing experience on the Ebro and is happy to provide you with it to make your fishing dreams come true.


Want to take away your catches?

No problem, you have your own fridge and two shared counter freezers.


Fishing holiday with family

Don’t think you can’t combine a family vacation with fishing. Do not hesitate and take your wife, girlfriend or children with you on the Ebro. Children under six stay for free.

The camp will be happy to accommodate you and adapt your stay and services to your requirements.

Write to us and we will recommend the best suitable route to the campsite.

Price list – Choose from services:

Prices are not final. They can be adjusted according to the date, period, number of people, etc…


Variant “Eco”

250 euro / accommodation (person/week)

– 50 euro boat rental (for one day, max. 5 people)

– a tip on proven places for free

– free parking at the house


Variant “VIP”

590 euro / person / week


– accommodation

– boat rental with echo sounder

– a guide for two days, who will advise you on fishing, accompany you on fish, or tie up, take up baits,…

– annual license

– rental of rods (max. 2 rods – person, without entitlement to fishing jewelry)

– the possibility of using the swimming pool

– parking at the house

– half board (breakfast, dinner) – does not include drinks

– fuel is not included in the price


Variant “VIP” with guide

810 euro / person / week


– accommodation

– boat rental with echo sounder

– guide for the whole week, max. 8 hours a day

– rental of rods (max. 2 rods – person, without entitlement to fishing jewelry)

– the possibility of using the swimming pool

– parking at the house

– full board (breakfast, lunch, hot dinner)

– bait fish (if possible)

– transfer from the airport (minimum for 4 people)

– soft drinks

– annual license with processing

– fuel is not included in the price


* Variants can be combined by agreement

* Spring season (March, April and May) and autumn season (September, October and November) only Vip and Vip plus variants.


Guide services

– will show you proven places, ways and techniques of fishing for free

other guide services by arrangement



no worries and much more time for fishing

– half board – 17 euro / day (breakfast and hot dinner)

– full board – 25 euro / day (breakfast, lunch and hot dinner)


Rod rental

Rods for spinning, catfish for pellets and bait, carp rods, racks, etc.


Boat rental

– 50 euro / day with an engine up to 15 HP

– 150 euro / day with a 150 HP engine – only with a guide

– fuel is not included in the price

– a refundable deposit of 200 euros is collected for renting the boat


Echo sounder rental

35 euro/week


Fishing permit

Based on your travel documents (OP, passport) the camp will issue a fishing license, you just need to send the scanned or photocopied documents in time (a legible front page is enough)

– the license is valid for one year

– the price is 20 euro/person

– furthermore, at the upper dam (Mequinenza) a daily permit fee, the so-called COTO, is paid in the amount of 6 euros/day or 30 euros/week

– cotto with the possibility of keeping fish is a novelty

*COTTO is not included in any price offer


A way to an airport

Transportation to and from the airport 250 euros

Date and length of stay

– you don’t have to choose according to shifts (from Saturday to Saturday)

– the number of places is limited, please inquire in advance

– length of stay depends only on you


  • Accommodations
  • Wi-Fi
  • TV
  • Kitchen with fridge
  • Outdoor seating
  • According to the accommodation option

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Mequinenza, Spain


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