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ELSTR sportovní rybolov, Podhradí, Czechia
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12/24 hours, 1 weekend, 1 week

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Fresh water

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Elstr Dam is located in Western Bohemia in the beautiful Halštrov Nature Reserve, where you are surrounded by forests and pure nature. The dam is located 4 km from the town of Aš and 2 km from the village of Podhradí, where a beautiful bike path leads to the German town of Bad Elster.

The Elster Dam was filled in 1970. The dam has clear water with visibility up to two meters, which never blooms and does not turn green.

The Elstr dam has a depth of up to 8 m of stony edge and the bench bottom is sandy and muddy, which makes the dam so interesting for fishermen.
Fishing swims are accessible both by car and by boat, and fishermen will find their fishing comfort in each of our places.

We have added a lot of beautiful fish, especially carp and grass carp weighing from 8 kg to 22 kg, which will definitely make your stay with us more pleasant.

Swim number:

On the opposite side is the overflow of the Dam, where there is a lower outlet, which for years created a deep moat. In some places, there is an old road at the bottom that once led here.
The fishing swim is for two fishermen and is closest to the road and the main pier.

Fishing swim No. 2 is for two fishermen. There are great depths reaching up to 8 meters.

The opposite shore is rocky, sandy and a strip of smaller stumps begins here, which extends to fishing place No. 5, so it is reasonable to use falling loads and have a boat at hand.

Fishing swim No. 3 is a beautiful spacious place for two fishermen.

In front of you is an edge that falls up to 6 meters.

From the right side there is an old path, on which fish like to stay.

Fishing swim No. 4 is for two fishermen.

It is a spacious, beautiful place. It is in the shade almost all year round, which is a big plus in summer. There is a long pier that ends approximately at the beginning of the edge, which falls sharply up to 6 meters. This place will guarantee you complete peace and privacy.

Fishing swim No. 5 is for two fishermen.

It is very close to fishing place No. 6, but even so, it catches each fishing place from a different angle, so it practically does not interfere.

This place is also suitable for a larger group of fishermen, where it is offered to reserve both places No. 5 and No. 6. Fishermen are with each other, but they do not interfere with catching.

On the opposite bank it is about 100 meters. It is the widest part of the Dam. There are depths from 4 to 6 meters.

Fishing swim No. 6 is for two fishermen.

It is also one of the most beautiful places. On the right side is a beautiful bay. It is a rest area for fish in which fishing is prohibited. Which means that the fish stay here all day and you can just wait for the shot.

Fishing swim No. 7 is for 2 to 3 fishermen. It is a large spacious place on the tributary of the Dam.

There are depths from 1 to 3 meters. It is best for spring and summer fishing. The place has two piers which allows you to fish the whole sector.

The bottom is sandy and muddy.


  • Security of the area with CCTV cameras
  • Premises cleaning
  • Rental of a rowboat to transport things to the site
  • Parking
  • Rental of disinfection for fish treatment
  • Fish mat rental
  • Advisory and consulting activities of the owner
  • Possibility to charge the battery to the electric motor and mobile phone
  • WiFi Internet in Administrator
  • Possibility to use a central freezer box
  • Cleaning of fishing grounds after fishermen
  • Washing barges after renting

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ELSTR sportovní rybolov, Podhradí, Czechia


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