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Fishing camp in Swedish Lapland

Storuman, Sweden
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Fresh water

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Unique fishing in the village of Storuman, northern Sweden

The village of Storuman in Sweden is one of the last wilderness areas in Europe and offers excellent opportunities for fishing and outdoor living among large forests, a variety of wildlife and more than 2,400 lakes.

The fishing here is world class! After a change of owners, renewal and thorough reconstruction, the fishing camp was reopened.

Fishing in northern Sweden is very unique and varied at any time of the year. There are fish species in the rivers and lakes of Storuman, such as:

Arctic char (up to 6 kg)
Rainbow trout (5 – 6 kg, record 12 kg)
Brown trout (up to 7 kg)
Whitefish (4.0 – 5.0 kg)
Perch (1.5 – 2.0 kg)
Grayling (1.5 – 1.8 kg)
Pike (up to 15 kg)


Summer fishing

It starts at the end of April and lasts until the end of November. The most popular summer fishing activities in northern Sweden are spinning, fly fishing and trolling.


Winter fishing

In Storuman it starts in December and ends in early May. In winter, you will love fishing for grayling (up to 1.5 kg), perch (up to 1.5 kg) and pike. In winter, mormyshka fishing is popular in Sweden.


Hole fishing

Winter fishing in Storuman is the whitefish fishing season. The second most popular winter fishing is Arctic char. Specimens up to 3 kg are not uncommon. Jig, a vertical tackle. The sporting element of fishing for char and whitefish in winter with “thin” tackle is the incredible adrenaline that will flood you when you pull these powerful fish from a depth of up to 25 meters.


Fly fishing

Fishing for grayling, trout, char and pike.

Fishing for grayling and trout with a dry fly in turbulent streams of small mountain rivers and in calm lakes is an incredible experience! Rivers with amazingly clean water, where you can drink directly from the river, the air and nature itself in Swedish Lapland is an unforgettable experience when fishing for grayling, trout and char.


Spinning fishing

Fishing for large wild rainbow trout is an unforgettable experience: with jig, trolling, artificial bait, small wobblers and spinners.


The base can accommodate up to 35 people at a time and offers cozy apartments with an equipped kitchen for groups of 4 to 7 people.

They are fully equipped with all necessary appliances, furniture and kitchen utensils.

For a small group, there is a one-room apartment (for 3-4 people) with a size of 54m2 with a kitchen and a two-room apartment (for 2-4 people) with a size of 54m2.

For a large family, three-room apartments with a large kitchen are a good solution. Suitable for an active family vacation as well as for a large group that comes to fish and explore the beauty of nature in the north.


They are fully equipped with all necessary appliances, furniture and kitchen utensils.

  • Free Wi-Fi, TV and radio
  • Electric floor heating
  • Electric stove with fan
  • A fridge with a freezer
  • Drying room 7m2
  • Microwave oven, coffee maker
  • Shower, toilet, sink
  • Terrace/balcony



54m2, room for 1-4 people

1-2 PERSONS / 1100 SEK / NIGHT

3-4 PEOPLE / 1400 SEK / NIGHT

final cleaning of the apartment (compulsory cleaning) / 450 SEK



54m2, room for 1-4 people


3-4 PEOPLE / 1500 SEK / NIGHT

final cleaning of the apartment (compulsory cleaning) / 450 SEK



78m2, room for 6-7 people


6-7 PEOPLE / 2100 SEK / NIGHT

final cleaning of the apartment (compulsory cleaning) / 600 SEK



Each apartment has a special room with facilities for cleaning, drying fishing clothes and equipment.

The fishing camp has specially equipped rooms for processing fish and storing them in freezers.

In a separate cozy cabin with a barbecue, guests can cook meat and fish dishes on an open fire and spend a wonderful evening before a new fishing adventure the next morning.

A real wood-burning sauna with a large terrace, a hot water bath and a fantastic view of the lake will not leave anyone indifferent! Guests can also use the large room, which is equipped with various games: billiards, table tennis, table hockey, exercise equipment and other entertainment.



Breakfasts is also available (continental – coffee, tea, eggs, cheese, ham, toast, jam, …) / SEK 150

20 km from the campsite is the town of Storuman, which is full of grocery stores.


State-of-the-art fishing equipment and technical tools available, as well as the services of professional guides.

Professional boats – aluminum, plastic and rubber boats, gasoline and ecological electric motors, sonars, all assortment of winter and summer fishing rods, spinning rods, lures.

For winter fishing, warm tents, electric drills, the latest modern snowmobiles, skis, stationary wooden houses for ice fishing and especially trained game guards are prepared.

If you want to visit Norwegian fjords and fish, for example cod or halibut – it can be arranged.

If you want to fish in the cleanest mountain lakes and breathe crystal clear mountain air – we will arrange a helicopter.

If you want to fish for grayling on mountain lakes in winter – we will arrange transportation on snowmobiles, the owner will show you the places with the most fish, advise you on tackle and help you buy licenses.


*One or two day dog ​​sledding trips through the wilderness are very popular in Sweden in winter. Thirty kilometers from the campsite there is a beautiful slope equipped with light and air, and on the edge of our village (Långsjöby) there is a lighted ski track! You can also visit the international winter resort Hemavan-Tärnaby, which is 140 km from the Lapla Fiske campsite.



3000 SEK per day

  • A group of 1-2 fishermen
  • Fishing with a personal guide

A personal guide is the most important thing for your fishing trip. He organizes the entire fishing day: transportation, boats, snowmobiles, fishing equipment, bait, food, photo and video, photography and how to get around the lakes.

1000 SEK per day

  • Group of 1-4 fishermen
  • Fishing with a professional fishing guide

A professional fishing guide is your commander for a “group” of fishermen of up to 4 people. He organizes group fishing expeditions, transport to the fishing site, helps with the purchase of permits, advises where to fish, how and for what.

300-400 SEK per day

  • Boat rental

Aluminum or plastic motor boats for rent. A separate FINVAL professional boat rental service is also offered along with a personal guide.



  • Transfer by car to the lake and back 1-4 persons / 500 CZK + fuel
  • Transfer by snowmobile or sled from the lake to the fishing spot and back, minimum 4 people / SEK 100 per person
  • Tents / 100 SEK per day
  • Auger with batteries / SEK 100 per day
  • Sonar / 50 SEK per day
  • Bike rental / free
  • Plastic boat, inflatable boat with motor (5-10 hp) for 1-2 persons / SEK 300 per day
  • Aluminum boat with motor (5-10 hp) for 1-2 persons / 400 SEK per day
  • Inflatable boat with motor (4-6 hp) for 1-2 persons / SEK 250 per day
  • Personal guide for 1-2 persons / 3000 SEK per day
  • Russian sauna / 2000 SEK up to 5 hours
  • Hot tub / SEK 500 up to 3 hours
  • Extra wood / SEK 50 per package
  • Smoked fish / SEK 150 for 1 pack
  • Fish cleaning / By agreement
  • Organization of fly fishing/excursion / By agreement
  • Organization of fishing in Norway 1-2 days / By agreement
  • Organization of a dog sled tour / By agreement
  • Sale of tackle and baits / By agreement
  • Transfer from Umeå, Lycksele or Vilhelmina / By arrangement


  • Accommodations
  • Bike rental
  • WiFi
  • Transport
  • Final cleaning
  • Boats
  • Food

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Storuman, Sweden


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