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Ghost Park Lake

Ghost Park Lake, Italy
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7 days

Water type

Fresh water

Group Size

2/1 spot


English, Italian



It was a gravel quarry between the 1960s and 1970s, sport fishing was introduced in the early 1980s, which ceased after a few years due to conflict between the manager and the owner. Until then, only a few lucky ones managed to catch grass carp and carp up to 33 kg. It is therefore reopened after 30 years so that everyone can fish here.

Ghost Park Lake has been growing steadily in recent years. This 40 acre, 40 site lake  holds an incredible amount of fish and tends to work well each year due to its depth. The population in this lake is huge and growing every year at an incredible rate!



The lake is tucked away away from any road noise. Each fishing spot has enough space for a large bivouac or even a Camper/Caravan, there are also a number of smaller single man sites perfect for relaxing and tucking away for the week. The average fish size is now a whopping 16kg with a lake record over 34kg!

Types of fish: carp, grass carp, sturgeon



There is a well-stocked fishing tackle shop on site. The lake has nice toilets and showers. Snacks, coffee and drinks are also available on site. Supermarkets are close by along with a variety of options. We recommend spare batteries for alarms!



For best results, feed excellent quality boilies near weeds or obstructions present in various parts of the lake. Solid tackle, powerful rods, good lifting rigs and excellent 0.40 monofilament are needed to take on the energetic and powerful carp and grass carp present in this lake. As a last but always important piece of advice (don’t bang, don’t hammer stakes, don’t walk along the banks, don’t make your station a meeting place for friends) discretion is necessary to be able to catch trophy fish because the carp present here have very developed eyes and ears.


Fishing spots

A total of 40 fishing spots

Spots for one angler: 15 / 16 / 17 / 31 / 32 / 36 / 39

Spots for two fishermen: other places


Price list

7 days / place for 2 fishermen / max. 8 rods / 350 EUR

7 days / place for 1 fishermen / max. 4 rods / 200 EUR

Whole lake / 1 month / 7,000-8,000 EUR

Boat / 1 day / 10 EUR

Engine / 1 day / 10 EUR

Lakes Rules

Please Note If lake owners or fishing federations change their rules Fishtime are not to be held liable for these changes.

  • 3 rods permitted per angler, a 4th will be charged at 5 Euros per day.
  • NO carp shall be harmed or damaged at this lake.
  • Micro barb hooks are allowed.
  • NO Longshank hooks are allowed.
  • Grass carp must be returned immediately.
  • All carp over 20Kgs must be checked by the bailiff with a chip scanner.
  • If you damage a fish the price is 100 euros per kgs.
  • Groundbait and corn can only be used if bought on site.
  • If you damage a fish the price is 100 euros per kgs.
  • Groundbait and corn can only be used if bought on site.
  • During warm periods the fish shall be cared for safely, photographed and slipped back within the shortest period of time. (ask for assistance).
  • From 15 April 2013, only the use of hooks without barbs or with flat barb will be accepted. The management has the power to carry out checks.
  • All swims can be reached by car.
  • The lake opens at 0800 and closes at 2000
    only when a fish is caught!
  • The photos must be made in water! Exceptions can be made only if agreed in advance with the management!
  • Possibility of boat rental on reservation.
  • Carp mats are provided.
  • Rubbish must be divided into plastic and Aluminum, (glass) (paper) price for garbage per day is set at 2 euros per person and left tidy in bags in the swim. Removing rubbish from the swim will result in a fine!
  • If you damage a fish the price is 100 euros per kgs.
  • Groundbait and corn can only be used if bought on site.
  • You cannot sack or retain fish at any time.
  • Carp mats are provided.
  • The radio-controlled small boats can be used from the number 8 position to the number 23 position (also in the short-haul position 40); naturally the small boats must remain within the limits of the positions, the management reserves the right to prohibit their use
  • All Carp over 20Kgs cannot be held with your landing net.
  • NO fish can be retained over-night.
  • The utmost care must be taken when handling the fish to and from the Lake.
  • All fish must be placed on an unhooking matt at no time shall they be placed on the ground.
  • A 42” inch net or larger must be used, any mouth or scale damage should be treated.
  • DO NOT leave rods unattended.
  • Bailiffs have the right to check the safety of your rigs and equipment.
  • NO zig rigs.
    only when a fish is caught!
  • The photos must be made in water! Exceptions can be made only if agreed in advance with the managemenæt!
  • Minimum line thickness of 0.35 mm.
  • NO braid is allowed on fishing rods.
  • Safe Leadcore and Mono leaders are allowed.
  • Please depart your swim as you found it for the new angler.
  • DO NOTdirect or point any lights across the lake.
  • Open fires are only allowed within the BBQ fire-pit area.
  • Swimming is not allowed.
  • DO NOT interfere with any anglers.
  • DO NOT damage the surrounding trees, bushes or cut back reeds in your swim.
  • Please use bin bags for rubbish and keep your swim tidy.
  • Bait boats are allowed.
  • Boats are provided, life jackets must be worn.
  • For calls of nature please use toilets provided.
  • NO drones can be used.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in you departing the lake.


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Ghost Park Lake, Italy


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