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KoiLand Lake

KoiLand Lake Pesca Sportiva, Italy
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3/ 4 / 7 nights

Water type

Fresh water

Group Size

2/1 swim


English, Italian


Fishing on Lake Koiland has been banned for more than 3 years, and fishing has only been allowed since early 2016.

The approximately 6-hectare and 20-year-old lake attracts with its unique supply of about 450 koi carps in various weight classes, which grow very well. In addition, stocks of carp weighing up to 35 kg currently leave a chance to catch their personal record fish.

The water level in Koiland Lake fluctuates due to groundwater supply and ranges between 6 and 8.5 meters from May to September (full) and from 4 to 6.5 meters from October to April (low).


It is common to catch twenty kilos of carp here.

The owner estimates that there are about 400 fish between 18 and 25 kg.

Except for position 9, all places are for two fishermen (double) and some also have piers.

All places intended for 2 fishermen can also be booked by only one fisherman for an additional fee (for a higher fee). Fishing is usually done with 3 rods per angler from shore.

Feeding and loading is allowed only by the bait boat, with the exception of exclusive reservations. .

Thanks to the supply of trees, there is a lot of shade in the fishing swims even in summer.

The whole area is fenced and the car can be parked directly on the fishing swim.

The only exception is point 4, which can only be accessed during loading and unloading and the car is then parked in the car park on the premises.

Toilets and showers are available, as well as electricity to charge batteries and similar devices.

There is NO fridge or freezer by the lake. In the summer months, we recommend that you bring a gas refrigerator. Dogs are welcome, but the owner is of course responsible for his dog.


Amount of fish

The fish supply is excellent. The number of fish is around 1600 and these are different forms of carp and koi carps.


Important information:

Charcoal grill can be used on site, but fireplaces are not allowed. Depending on the location, you can also take a camper or caravan (places 1/6/10). The use of particles is not allowed. Pellets can be purchased on site. Carp are well received, and we recommend using them. You can bait without limit, but of course common sense is mandatory here.

Up to 6 rods (2 fishermen) can be used on site for two fishermen. If 1 fisherman reserves space for two, he can use 4 rods. Fishermen can leave rubbish by the lake, but must divide it into (organic / metal / glass / plastic / paper) and a fee of € 5 is required.

Pizza and pasta can be ordered at the clubhouse, which is then delivered to the lake. Another supermarket is just a 5-minute drive away.



Week (Saturday to Saturday) / 2 fishermen in a double place – 245 € / 1 fisherman (3 rods per fisherman)

Week (Saturday to Saturday) / 1 fisherman in a double place – 345 € (4 rods)

Reservation deposit / 100 €

Non-fisherman / companion – free of charge

Arrival Saturday between 12 am and 1 pm – departure Saturday by 11 am

Exclusive reservation of the lake (max. 16 fishermen) / Saturday to Saturday – 3000 € (deposit 1850 EUR)

Waste fee for 1 fisherman / 1 week – 5 €


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KoiLand Lake Pesca Sportiva, Italy


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