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Tara River Valley

Mojkovac, Montenegro
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6 nights

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Fresh water

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Rivers in Montenegro – a great place for all fly fishermen!

The Tara Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fishing for large wild trout hucho and grayling.

Just “catch and release”!

There are local guides who know the river thoroughly.


Tara river and surroundings

In the area between Bjelasica, Sinjajevina and Prošće mountains, the national parks “Biogradska Gora” and “Durmitor”, on the shores of the most beautiful European river Tara, lies the town of Mojkovac, an oasis of natural beauty.

Here you can expect almost untouched wildlife, rich flora and fauna, remote mountain villages and peaceful life on summer pastures. It is worth discovering, experiencing and enjoying the best kept secrets of the mountains. You can look forward to a full outdoor experience, always combined with an adventurous spirit and warm hospitality.

This place stands out even more because it is an ideal place for fishing, especially for fly fishing. When it comes to fly fishing, Tara is the leading river in Montenegro and Europe. Specimens of trophy trout are very common here. Pieces 20 to 50 cm long are usually caught. In addition to trout, another attractive species of fish lives in Tara – grayling. Some are about 40 cm long. In addition to the dominant brown trout and hucho, the river is inhabited by grayling, river crab and minnows.

Thanks to the exceptional quality of river water, you can find various species of insects, larvae and nymphs here. The river has a large number of aquatic insects throughout the year. Experienced guides who make their own flies will help you with an adequate selection of your equipment.

We recommend a light fly rod, fast and medium speeds, with a length from 2.70 m to 3.05 m, a floating fly line 3-4 with a conical or monofilament rig.


Catch and release hunting technique

As most fishermen know, it is necessary to keep fish handling to a minimum in order to catch and release fish. This reduces skin damage to the mucus, ligaments around the mouth and gills. When catching fish, it is necessary to put your hand in the water to avoid damaging the skin (the skin is known to be prone to fungal infection). Larger specimens should be caught with one hand right near the place, with the other hand holding the fish itself. Do not touch the gills when holding the fish underwater. Use hooks without barbs to release the catch more easily. Use a landing net to prevent fish in shallow water from hitting rocks. The fish caught should be released in a place without strong currents, where the fish can recover and regain its senses.


When would it be best to go fishing on the Tara River?

The answer to this question depends on the fishermen themselves. Basically, every season is good. The river brings peace and good mood. If you want to spend part of the summer holidays fishing for trout and grayling, we recommend one of the summer months.

The trout fishing season starts in June and lasts until October.

The grayling season begins in June and lasts until October.

During the preparation for winter, larger grayling begin to feed in late September and October. The river will be all yours at that time and you will have a great chance to catch bigger pieces.

If you want to catch a hucho, the fishing season starts in April.

August and September are most suitable for catch a hucho, queens of waters, using spinning.



The guides speak English. They know the river very well and are ready to teach you all fishing techniques (necessary fly fishing method). Guides can work both with a group and individually. Courses for beginners with equipment owned by the operators are also possible.



The northern region of Montenegro belongs to a mild continental climate – mountainous.

The summer months of June, July and August are warm with average temperatures of 26-33 degrees Celsius. During this period, there is little precipitation lasting one or two days. In September and October, temperatures are lower and precipitation is more frequent. In winter, temperatures range up to minus 10 degrees Celsius.



The guides will be happy to provide you with the flies and nymphs that are best in the given conditions. The guides make their own high-quality flies.


Price list

Fishing offer Montenegro, Tara river (three days) Lim and Ljuca rivers (two days) 5 days of fishing (6 nights accommodation, max four clients).

Full day fishing: eight hours (best way) starting at your chosen time.

Includes refreshments (non-alcoholic beverages) and free hotel transfer to and from the Tara River



Podgorica – Mojkovac – Podgorica airport transfer

All transfers to fishing grounds, fishing licenses.

(transfer hotel – Tara river – Tara fly fishing zone, 10 minutes from Resort Gack.)

(transfer hotel – Lim river – Lim and Ljuca fly fishing zone, 1 hour 30 minutes from Resort Gacka.)

Accommodation Resort Gacka (four stars with SPA & WELNES center (swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzi)

Unlimited use of sports fields, playgrounds, gyms and bicycles, wireless connection.



Day 1 – dinner

Day 2-5 breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

6th day – breakfast


Meals (meat, fish, vegetables, salad). Resort Gacka (buffet table).

One English speaking guide.

Fishing area – fly-fishing zone of the Tara, Lim and Ljuca rivers (grayling, trout, hucho hucho).


Total price :

EUR 900 per person 

Accommodation in HOTEL & RESORT GACKA

Resort Gacka (four stars plus) – rooms with double or double beds

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  • Fishing license
  • Transfer to and from the river Tara
  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Guide

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Mojkovac, Montenegro


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