Island, located in the North Atlantic between Greenland and Europe, is surrounded by rich and diverse waters, providing countless fishing opportunities.

Sea Fishing: Sea fishing in Iceland is popular, especially in the fjords and along the coast, where you can catch species such as cod, halibut, wolfish, flounder, perch, and more.

  • Atlantic Ocean: Iceland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, south, and east. This ocean is a source of many significant fish species, which are important food sources and attractions for fishermen.
  • Arctic Ocean: To the north, Iceland borders the Arctic Ocean, an area covered in sea ice. This area is significant for its colder climate and presence of glaciers.

Freshwater Fishing:

  • Glacial Rivers and Lakes: Iceland is home to many glacial rivers and lakes rich in salmon, Arctic char, and trout.

Fishing Season: Fishing in Iceland is influenced by the season and weather. The best times for fishing usually range from May to September when conditions are ideal and many fish species are active.

Fishing in Iceland is an adventure full of beautiful natural scenery to experience. It’s important to be well-prepared, follow local regulations, have valid permits, and treat nature with respect.

All equipment that comes into contact with water in Iceland (waders, rods, reels, lures, lines, etc.) must be new or disinfected before coming into contact with the river.

Clothing/Weather: Icelandic summers are generally mild, but because the weather can be very changeable, you should bring warm, waterproof, and wind-resistant clothing.

Nabídka lokalit

Minnivallalækur lodge, Stóri Núpur, Iceland

Fisherman’s cottage Lækjamót

from 3.000,00 Kč Per person

Fishing Lodge Hálsakot, Sledbrjotur, Iceland

Fishing cabins Hálsakot

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