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Aqua Tršice

Tršice, Olomouc Region, Czechia
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min. 12 hours

Water type

Fresh water

Group Size

2/1 spot




Newly opened sport fishing area.

The Tršice water reservoir was created in the Olešnice valley as a water reservoir III. category, construction began in 1980. Its function is to hold back the flood flows of the Olešnice River and possibly use the water for irrigation.

At present, the reservoir is used for sport fishing. In 2021, the reservoir was stocked with trophy carp, grass carp, pike and zander.

12.5 ha

20 fishing spots (2 fishermen)

The catch and release method!



6kg – 7kg 75 pieces

7kg – 9kg 135 pieces

10kg – 12kg 358 pieces

12+kg – 14kg 173 pieces

14+kg-16kg 119 pieces

16+kg – 17kg 48 pieces

17+kg 17 pieces

18+kg 9 pieces

19+kg 4 pieces

20+kg 3 pieces

22+kg 1 piece


4+kg – 7kg 70 pieces


3.5kg – 5kg 42 pieces


3kg – 5kg 35 pieces

  • Bathtub-type mat – can be borrowed from the administrator for 50 CZK per day.
  • Landing net at least 90 cm (preferably rubberized) can be borrowed from the administrator, pre-booked 50,- CZK per day.
  • A container for watering the catch.
  • Disinfection for treating fish.
  • Boiled corn!!! (will be checked) unlimited
  • Wheat unlimited
  • Rapeseed 10 kg!!! dry for one day for one fisherman (before use see or cook!!!)
  • Tiger nut allowed
  • Boilies-Pellets-Methodmix

Do not use in large quantities of liquid oils!

Feeding is allowed with a cobra / slingshot / rocket.

For fishing, it is necessary to use a fishing line with a thickness of at least 0.28 mm. The end of the leader must be made of shock line.

The use of braided shock cord is prohibited.

Lead cord MAX 1 meter.

Zig Rig allowed length unlimited.

The use of fixed assemblies (helicopter) is prohibited, the assembly must be a continuous-escape assembly.

Fishing is always allowed on a rod with one leader and one hook with a micro tip.

All caught fish are returned to the water after possible photography, they are caught by the “catch and release” method

Strict ban holding a fish in sack!!!

By purchasing a permit, the fisherman agrees to the price list and fishing conditions, which he undertakes to fully respect and observe.

The fishing area must be lit.

Feeding allowed only by loading boat.

Boats prohibited!

Mandatory use of BACK LEAD on the entire reservoir in all fishing locations! (there will be an option to purchase from the administrator)

Beginning of fishing as agreed with the manager.

Other arrival or departure is possible only after agreement with the administrator. Each fisherman undertakes to leave the area no later than the agreed fishing end time, otherwise it is necessary to purchase additional fishing permits if the place is still free.

When catching a fish, the fisherman undertakes to keep the caught fish on the shore by watering it on a wet mat, carefully remove the hook, treat it with disinfection, and return the fish to the water as soon as possible. In the case of taking pictures of fish, it is only allowed to kneel over the mat, not standing up – if the fish slips out, it is at risk of death! After taking a photo, immediately release back into the water.

Caught fish must always be returned from the mat.

Every visit that goes to the fishing place must be reported by the fisherman the visit goes to.

When fishing, the angler undertakes to accommodate other anglers and not to cast over their mounts.

If the fisherman is alone at the fishing spot and wants to go to the toilet, he must pull all the rods out of the water!!!
When fishing at night, the rods must be operated, otherwise they must not be cast!

Setting up bivouacs and tents is free at your hunting spot.

Prohibition of cutting vegetation in and outside the area! Prohibition of open fires.

Portable grill allowed, above ground fire pit too.

It is strictly forbidden to perform personal hygiene in the lake.

A dog is allowed, the angler must report the dog to the manager and must keep the dog under supervision at his fishing place and clean up excrement after him.

Any visitors must report to the administrator when entering the area.

Each fisherman and any accompanying person undertakes to keep calm, especially at night (it is necessary to respect each other and always take into account other fishermen in other places).

Maintaining order and cleanliness in your hunting area.

When catching an injured or sick fish, you must call the administrator: +420 776315672

We don’t want fishermen who don’t know how to treat fish and the environment with care in our water reservoir!!!

This applies to all those who violate fishing rules, e.g. by not using tub-type mats and large landing nets, not having continuous leads, not taking pictures of fish kneeling over the mat and not returning them to the water with the mat, disturbing the surrounding fishermen at night, making a mess, fishing spots they will not return to their original state.

If the fisherman grossly violates the fishing rules or ends the fishing prematurely for any reason, the rest of the amount will not be returned. In case of inappropriate behavior and careless handling of caught fish, fishing will be immediately terminated without compensation.

The entry and movement of fishermen to the reservoir is at their own risk, the operator is not responsible for any damage caused. We are not responsible for accidents and stolen items at the Tršice water reservoir area

After the end of fishing, it is necessary to hand over the hunting site to the administrator cleaned.

Only a person who has properly purchased a permit may catch and handle rods. The permit is not transferable to another person.

Fishing price list

Fishing for two rods, a third rod can be purchased – 100 CZK per day, 24 hours
Price for fishing for one angler (start is always from 9:00 a.m. and ends at 9:00 a.m.)

Fishing license – can only be paid in cash at the manager’s office.

The fishing spot is intended for two fishermen.


12 hours / 1 fisherman / 400,- CZK (Mon-Thu, 7:00 – 19:00)

24 hours / 1 fisherman / 500,- CZK (Mon-Thu, 9:00-9:00)

2 days (48 hours) / 1 fisherman / 900,- CZK (night fishing included)

3 days (72 hours) / 1 fisherman / 1.300,- CZK (night fishing included)

4 days / 1 fisherman / 1.700,- CZK (9:00-9:00)

Weekend (58 hours) / 1 fisherman / 1.400,- CZK (Fri-Sun, 9:00-19:00)

Weekly (7 days) / 1 fisherman / 2.500,- CZK (third rod included, 9:00-9:00)


The reservation is valid after paying 100% of the amount for the fishing spot.

Enter the number of the pier and the date when the reservation starts in the payment note
account number    5915446329/0800
IBAN CZ730 08000000 0059 1544 6329

We are happy to solve reservations or any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Call for phone reservations
Monday – Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. phone +420 605 474 338

or email us at [email protected].


Tour's Location

Tršice, Olomouc Region, Czechia


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