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Carp Dream Lake

Tornyiszentmiklós, Hungary
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7 days

Water type

Fresh water

Group Size

3 / spot


English, German


  • types of fish: carp, grass carp
  • size: 16 ha
  • fishing places: 4

Lake Carp Dream is located in Hungary, 2 km from the Slovenian and Croatian border crossing. More precisely, in the village of Tornyiszentmiklós, near the highway that winds further into the interior of Hungary.

The lake was excavated in 1984, then expanded to the mentioned area of ​​16 ha. Above all, it is known for very combative and tireless capital fish, which give great meaning to the name Carp Dream.

Upon arriving at the lake there is a Bufe Carp Dream Lake restaurant on the left where anglers or guests must register before entering their desired positions on the lake so that you leave satisfied and return satisfied the restaurant offers excellent food and drink. Next to the restaurant there is also WI-FI, toilet, bathroom and the possibility of using electricity.

There are large fishing positions on the lake, marked with consecutive numbers. 1,2,3 and 4. Each position is precisely marked on the position and also on the other side of the lake so you and neighboring positions know exactly where the position boundary is! Positions have a strictly limited maximum number of rods.


Price list – fishing places:

Peg 1 maximun 6/9 rods / 7 days / (400€ / 550€)

Peg 2 maximun 12 rods + Luxury apartment 1.600€ (NEW apartment is for 6 fishermens) / 7 days /

Inside luxury house is ; kitchen, 2x bedroom, bathroom, livingrom, terrace, wi-fi, klima, TV

Peg 2 with out apartment / 7 days / 800€ maximun 12rods

Peg 3 maximun 6/9 rods / 7 days / (400€ / 550€)

Peg 4 maximun 6 rods / 7 days / (400€)

Booking on a weekly basis – from Saturday to Saturday

Hungarian fishing license  – 10 EUR



You MUST check in at the restaurant to confirm your arrival before entering a position.

Freshly prepared food and snacks, you will also find a clean bathroom and toilet, and we also offer free use of electricity.

You can order hot food a day in advance.

There are strict rules on the lake that must be strictly followed!

Our rules:

  • It is not allowed to fish for predator fish with any kind of fishing technique!
  • It is forbidden to fish with any kind if light mounts!
  • Every fish while in the cradle needs to be sprinkled with water from the lake and after that has to be released back in the lake. It is forbidden to store fish in a carp sack or retainer sling!
  • Carp cradle, big sized landing net and wound antiseptic are obligatory. You can rent a landing net and carp cradle on the lake.
  • Using monofil Shockleader is obligatory, with minimum length of 25m and minimum diameter of 0,55mm. It is forbidden to use a braided cord leader. Leadcore can se used up to 0,9m in length.
  • The diameter of the mainline can be minimum 0,35mm
  • The maximum size of the hook is 2.
  • It is forbidden to fish in welfare area marked with buoys.
  • In case of ordering hot meal, please put your order to the staff one day in advance.
  • After fishing everybody must take their own garbage to the bufé, plastic bags are available there. It is compulsory to pay a 3000ft deposit after every occupied fishing place, and if the fishing place is clean, we will refund the deposit.
  • Swimming in the lake is forbidden!
  • Using a life west in a boat is compulsory!
  • Retraction, trolling, casting, using buoys, feeding boats and Echo Sounders is allowed.
  • Whenever arriving or leaving the property, you must sign in at the bufé, the staff is allowed to search the vehicle or luggage.
  • Only fisherman are allowed to use a vehicle at the fishing place – Visitors and guests can only walk on the propery and must leave their vehicles at the assigned parking place. It is not allowed to stay on the lake shore before or after opening hours, consultation with the staff is possible.
  • Please be quiet and do not disturb other anglers!
  • In the Chalets, on the piers and under shelters  is not allowed to make any interventions (Nails, Screws, hooks, holes, etc …)
  • The national fire safety laws are valid for the lake shore!


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  • food

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Tornyiszentmiklós, Hungary


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