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Božejov Lakes

Božejovský rybnik, Božejov, Czechia
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24 hours/ 2 and more days

Water type

Fresh water

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2/ 1 swim





The Božejov private lakes offers 2 ponds “lower” 6ha and “upper” 3ha. It is located at the end of the village Božejov (7 km from Pelhřimov in the Vysočina).

We believe that this district will be very attractive for you for several reasons:

In autumn 2015 there was an intensive fish adding and another fish autumn / winter 2016, autumn 2017 and 2019.

In the ponds there are mainly carp of all sizes up to trophy pieces weighing 16-28 kg.
In addition to carp, there are also trophy grass carp, pike, tench and catfish in the area (catfish only in the upper pond).
The lower pond is 1-6 m deep and ramparts are created at a distance of 50-70 m in front of each fishing place.
The upper pond is 1-4 m deep and ramparts are created throughout the pond.
The whole lakes are accessible by car directly to the water.
Free parking in a reserved parking lot (the fisherman can take his equipment to the place by car and then park it, or he can use a boat for transport). If a visit is made to the fisherman during fishing, it must be reported in advance to the lake manager. The visitor must also leave the car in the reserved parking lot

  • There are 15 swims in the area (1 swim for 2 people) with a pier (for those who do not have tripods, there are holes for forks in the piers) Pier No. 14 and 15 is located on the upper pond (1 swim for 3 fishermen).
  • We have preserved the original nature, which is really charming here – the swims are adapted for the greater comfort of fishermen.
  • It is great water not only for carp, but also for predatory fishing by spinning.
  • We fish exclusively by catch and release, fishing non-stop / from 12 pm to 12 pm / on 2-3 rods.
  • The district is private and is intended only for fishing (no bathers)
  • On fishing spots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 there are a cottages for 2 people – equipment: 2 x bed and table.
  • On the fishing swim 12 there is a cottage for up to 5 fishing persons – equipment: 5 x bed and table.
  • On the fishing swim 14 and 15 there are a cottages for up to 3 fishing persons – equipment: 3 x bed and table.
  • You can also come with your own caravan, swim with space for caravans, bivvy or tents are 8, 9, 10, 11. They are without connection to electricity.
  • In the area there is a toilet and shower.
  • Within 1 km there are COOP groceries and a pub.
  • Baits products can be purchased directly at the district.


Upper pond

We have recently added fish for you and opened the “upper pond”. It is a 3-hectare water with a picturesque and very quiet environment, where there are only 2 swim (No. 14 and No. 15).

Cottage for 3 persons.

The swims are max. for 4 fishermen.

These places are without cottages. You can drive to the pond.

In this water, carp are in the range of 3-20 kg, grass carp up to 10 kg, catfish, pike and tench. The depth here is 1-4 m and ramparts are created here.


Fishing swims

Each swim is for two fishermen.

The cottages are in swim 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 12, 14, 15. The space for caravans is most suitable for swim 8, 9, 10, 11.

EVERY CATCHING POINT ON THE LOWER POND has a 3×3 m pier (except No. 13)

Swims 14 and 15 on Upper pond are max for 4 fishermen.


CATCH AND RELEASE price list for 2022




1 person / 24 hours (from 12 am to 12 am) / 1-3 rods – 600 CZK

(the price includes the rental of a carp cradle and weigh sling)

1 person / 12 hours / 1-3 rods – 400 CZK

(We do not make reservations for half a day and 1 day of fishing)


Children up to 10 years – FREE

Children 10-15 years – half price

(if they control 1 rod themselves and not the accompaniment – please without excuses!)


COTTAGE for 2 persons / 24 hours – 450 CZK (including direct heater)

COTTAGE for 3 persons / 24 hours – 500 CZK (including direct heater)

COTTAGE for 5 persons / 24 hours – 750 CZK (with a capacity of 3-5 persons including direct heating)

COTTAGE for 5 persons / 24 hours – 450 CZK (with a capacity of 1-2 persons including direct heating)

CARAVAN / 24 hours – 200 CZK

NON-CATCHING ACCOMPANIMENT / 24 hours – 100 CZK (for the overhead of the pond, toilets, etc.)


Landing net loan / 24 hours – 50 CZK

DISINFECTION LOAN / for the whole stay – 50 CZK

WASTE BAG – 30 CZK (the price for waste disposal, otherwise it is necessary to dispose of the waste yourself!)

Upon arrival, a refundable deposit of 500 CZK will be paid for each fishing spot!


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Božejovský rybnik, Božejov, Czechia


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