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Nosy Be

Nosy Be, Madagascar
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10 days

Water type

Salt water

Group Size

1 person


English, French


Economically, Madagascar is one of the developing countries, so there has never been any industrial fishing, and its coastal waters are full of huge equatorial fish.

Lovers of any fishing discipline will enjoy themselves here. The most popular include popping, jiggin, meat hunting and trolling.
The crew does their best for your fishing well-being. Don’t expect trolling for heavy equipment with multipliers and hard rods here. On the contrary, they try to use the finest possible equipment so that the fight with the 2.5m swordfish is the maximum experience for fishermen.

The whole crew cooperates, and when you have little braid, they simply back up or turn the boat around and chase a large fish. However, you are the boss of this event! Several times it happened to us that the sailfish took three at once, and this is a incredible fight full of adrenaline. However, a maximum of two swordfish managed to get into the ship, but you will still be taken off for a long time.

Swimming on the high seas is forbidden due to the occurrence of man-eating sharks, which are full of it. Attacking the fish you are fighting is an everyday reality. It happened to us several times that they attacked a large sailfish while fighting.

The Strait of Mozambique has the highest density of this fish in the world, and this is where we have our base, from where we go fishing. At this place, we can really guarantee the catch of a sailfish, except for fluctuations in tropical weather. But fishing is not just about this fish. Your catch will also be giant trevally, barracuda, wahoo, shark or the sympathetic and very combative mahi-mahi. You can catch all these fish here in sizes that you would hardly look for elsewhere in the world.

For local fishermen, a sailfish is like a sacred fish that deserves respect and esteem.

About the location
Off the northwest coast of Madagascar lies the picturesque romantic island of Nosy Be, possibly called Île Parfumée – the Island of Fragrances. Nosy Be is the center of ylang-ylang essence production, which is used in many perfumes. In addition, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, coffee, pepper, saffron and sugar cane are also grown on the island, and who definitely plays a nickname in their vicinity.

Nosy is a volcanic island with an area of ​​312 square kilometers. At present, about 60,000 people live on it. Its name comes from the period of early colonialism, ie from the 17th century and in Malagasy means “Big Island”. Of all the islands lies Madagascar, it is the largest. Nosy, along with other islands Nosy Komba, Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Tanikely, are located in the Strait of Mozambique. The capital of the island is Andonay, which still retains its own French charm.
Noses are currently considered a fishing paradise. It welcomes beautiful beaches and fantastic sea fishing. The interior of the island is very mountainous, the highest peak is Mount Lokone (450 m above sea level), followed by Mount Passot reaching a height of 329 meters above sea level. In the afternoon, for a strenuous climb to the top, you will have a wonderful view only of Nosy Be, but near the islands of Radama and Mitsio. Around these volcanic peaks, there are a total of eleven crater lakes, which are among the largest popping and jogging paradises in the world. The shores and waters of these underwater mountains hide fish that you can’t even imagine.

Fishing here is not suitable, because large fish around 50 kg are miles into the coral, or your hook will be cut off with sharp teeth.

Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar and obsolete Malagasy, is a state located on the island of the same name in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of mainland Africa and on the nearest adjacent islands. Madagascar itself is the largest island in Africa and the 4th largest in the world. It separated from the African fortress during the Mesozoic (about 90 million years ago) and still moves away from the southeastern targets, still 2 cm per year. It is separated from the nearest mainland (Mozambique) by the 400 km wide Mozambique Strait and its flora and fauna are 90% original due to long-term isolation. The staff speaks easy French and easy English, is very careful of African conditions and is always willing to do their best to make them feel at their best.

If you love Madagascar’s fishing holiday, you are in the right place. We know a lot about this island. Fishing in Madagascar is one of the most beautiful things you can experience from fishing exotics. Beautiful natural scenery awaits you, weird and cute animals and smiling natives, tourism in many places still undetected.

Come fishing with us in Madagascar and get to know it in all its beauty…

Fishing in Madagascar means not being surprised. It is not for nothing that this fourth largest island is called the eighth continent. A lover of arid bushes and eternally soaked rainforest will find theirs here. You can wander the deserted beaches or climb the mountains, you will meet unusual plants and even more unusual animals everywhere. The very word Madagascar sounds mysterious and tempting. It has attracted adventurers and fishermen from all over the world for more than a century. And no wonder, because the local nature has been evolving in complete isolation from the outside world for many tens of millions of years. The vast majority of animals and plants found on this island can not be found anywhere else in the world. Holidays in Madagascar will be enriched by the purchase of souvenirs. The Malagasy are very skilled people. In the markets you will find beautiful handicrafts made of wood, embroidery, jewelry from zebu horns, wrought products, minerals and fossils, but also vanilla and spices of all kinds. You will hardly find such a varied selection of souvenirs as in Madagascar elsewhere.

How is the stay?
The whole fishing trip to Madagascar takes place by booking a ten-day stay. You will spend 7 days on a catamaran sea fishing, with a professional crew and for another 3 days you will relax or travel on land. The boat is fully equipped, so perhaps, apart from hooks and small jewelry, you don’t have to take anything fishing from home. Unless you have some favorite equipment you want to catch and defeat.

Adventures on land
On the mainland, you can take an adventurous trip on quad bikes with a guide. This person will show you the colorful landscape of Africa. You will see the forest, waterfalls, lakes with crocodiles, vast plains with ylang ylang plant, rice fields, remote mountain areas. Only here you will see chameleons in their natural habitat.
In the rainforest, it will seem to rain lightly, but the fact will be that cicadas urinate on you. You will attract local lemur lemurs to a piece of banana, which the locals call Maki.

Travel recommendations
This year, they opened a new, very convenient air connection with one transfer. Vienna – Adis Ababa – Nosy Be. You can manage this distance in 15 hours.
You don’t need any special vaccinations to travel here. There are no insidious diseases such as yellow fever, whooping cough or plague.

We fish on the northern tip of Madagascar, which is still economically dominated by the French. So the population is very Europeanized with good hygiene habits. Even so, you will be very pleasantly surprised that this area has not yet been found by tourists who would ruin it with money. Come and try an adventure in Africa that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Price of stay
The price of a ten-day stay ranges from 3,600 EUR / person, depending on the activities of the stay that you order. The price includes stay and board in the form of full board on a catamaran (7 days) and accommodation on the mainland with breakfast (3 days).
Beer, rum and soft drinks can be bought on the boat. The Catamaran has all the fishing equipment, you only need to bring single hooks (approx. 150 pcs per group) and trolling Rapals 18-22cm



  • Full board on a catamaran (7 days)
  • Mainland accommodation with breakfast (3 days)
  • Fly ticket

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Nosy Be, Madagascar


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