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Rossön fishing camp

Rossön, Sweden
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min. 1 week

Water type

Fresh water

Group Size

6 / cottage


English, Swedish


Immerse yourself in the infinite forests of Swedish nature. The camp is located right on the border with southern Lapland, in western Ångermanland, surrounded by water and forests. Prepare for peace, silence, untamed nature, fishing in the beautiful landscape of Lake Lilla Lesjön, regular visits from reindeer, and occasionally bears or moose.

The camp focuses on travel in harmony with nature, and they can tailor your adventure to your preferences. You can spend time on the water during the polar day or gather with friends or family at one of the fireplaces right by the lake. If you prefer slightly darker days during the polar night, you should visit the camp in winter, stay in cozy cabins, light a fire, and together await the Northern Lights in the dark night sky.


Upon arrival, you can start fishing right away. Your boat is just under 50 meters from your accommodation. With Lake Lesjön, you have 600 hectares of fish-rich water right at your fingertips. Pike, perch, trout, grayling, whitefish, and others are the main representatives in this water.

For example, you can engage in trolling and lure fishing on the large, fish-rich Lesjön. On the beautifully situated Bävattnet, you can catch large perch and pike using trolling lines. Fly fishermen can head to popular spots along the rapids of Hocksjöforsarna for trout and grayling.

With a fishing permit available directly at our camp (350 SEK), you have access to five water areas with boats and eight additional areas that can be fished only from the shore or with waders.


  • Lake Lesjön: Several aluminum boats Linder 14.1 feet with 4-6 HP 4-stroke outboard motors + Native Watercraft fishing kayaks, both tandem and single, life jackets.
  • River Rörstromsalven: 2x plastic boats 12.1 feet and 14.1 feet with 4-6 HP 4-stroke outboard motors, life jackets.
  • Lake Snsvattårå: 1x 12.46-foot boat without a motor, life jackets.
  • Lake Hocksjön: 1x 12.1-foot boat with a Torqueedo electric motor, life jackets.
  • Lake Bävattnet: 1x 12.1-foot boat with a Torqueedo electric motor, life jackets.


  • Boat, Engine, 5l fuel – 2.800 SEK
  • Extra Fuel 1l – 25 SEK


Sustainability is the highest priority in all local waters. For a long-term sustainable experience and nature protection, all guests (including local anglers) must adhere to the following rules:

  • Bästselet (river) – Catch and release applies to all fish species.
  • Otherwise, you can keep 1 pike per person per day. It must not be smaller than 50 cm and longer than 75 cm. Perch larger than 40 cm must be released. This also applies to perch under 35 cm and trout under 45 cm – a maximum of 3 fish per day!
  • Violation of fishing rules may result in being asked to leave the facility without financial compensation.
  • Hocksjöforsarna – Season: 01.06.-31.08. – applies only to fly fishing in the respective section of the river.
  • Prohibitions on crayfish fishing apply in all three fishing management areas.
  • Further details on the rules can be found in your information folder, which will be available upon arrival at the cabin.


Four cozy houses are available for guests, accommodating 2 to 6 people. Ideal for relaxation after a challenging day by the water or in nature.

The main house serves as the center for all other needs. A common room for evening gatherings with board games or tasting elk steak prepared on the grill.

All houses are equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, TV, and WiFi. In two of the larger houses, there is also a sauna.

All houses have a view of Lesjön and are only a few meters from the lake.

In the large Red house, there is a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave, electric stove, and oven. The glazed porch invites for communal seating on rainy days or evenings, when a few extra mosquitoes may be around. A toilet and shower are standard. Additionally, the sauna encourages warming up, especially on chilly autumn or cold winter days.

Two spacious bedrooms with a total of six separate beds are located on the first floor.

The living, dining, and kitchen area is spacious and, in addition to a television and internet (WiFi), is furnished with two large sofas and a wood-burning fireplace.


  • 8.900 SEK / week
  • Rental of bedding and towels – 200 SEK / person

The Grey house (70 m2) has a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave, electric stove, oven, and more. On the ground floor, there is a toilet, shower, sauna, and a wood-burning fireplace. The bedroom with four separate beds is located on the first floor.

The house is equipped with a television and internet (WiFi).

The veranda invites you to enjoy a drink on warm summer evenings or have a fresh coffee amidst endless tranquility.


  • 7.900 SEK / week
  • Rental of bedding and towels – 200 SEK / person

Just like all our houses, the Brown house (57 m2) is very cozy and can accommodate up to 4 people. Equipped with everything to delight a successful and weary angler, hunter, or outdoor enthusiast.

It features a well-equipped kitchenette, toilet, and shower, a wood-burning fireplace, and of course, WiFi and television.

On the ground floor, there is a single-bed room. The additional three beds are on the first floor.


  • 7.900 SEK / week
  • Rental of bedding and towels – 200 SEK / person

Small but nice and equipped with everything you need. The ground floor offers a kitchenette with a microwave, electric stove, etc., a toilet, a shower, a wood-burning fireplace (which quickly warms up 20m2 to a pleasant temperature), and, of course, WiFi and television. There are two single beds on the ground floor.


  • 5.400 SEK / week
  • Rental of bedding and towels – 200 SEK / person

Since 2022, a “Motel” has been added to the holiday homes, featuring five spacious rooms. These rooms can be used in cases where the entire group doesn’t fit into one of the houses, and you need extra space.

Each room comes with its own bathroom and toilet. However, there is no kitchen available in these rooms.


The journey from southern Sweden is approximately 1200 km long but will allow you to immerse yourself deeper into the beauty of Swedish nature.

The fastest route runs along the eastern coast of Sweden, passing through Stockholm and Sundsvall, where you will find the last major shopping opportunity. Alternatively, the route goes through the inland, around Lake Vänern (Sweden’s largest lake), and across Moru (known for its blacksmithing and knives). The last significant shopping opportunity is in Östersund along this route.

From the airports in Östersund, Vilhelmina, and Örnsköldsvik, you can reach the camp in just under 2 hours. The journey from Sundsvall/Härnösand airport takes about three hours. It is possible to reserve a car at all airports.


  • Accommodations
  • WiFi
  • Boats
  • Final cleaning
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Bedding

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Rossön, Sweden


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