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Starý Ples Pond

Starý Ples, Jaromer, Czechia
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Fishing area Starý Ples near Jaroměř

Catch and release the district

The Starý Ples pond is a private pond with an area of ​​6 ha, which connects to the European important locality of the Czech Republic – Stará Metuje with an area of ​​21.9187 ha and the Josefovské louky Bird Park. This place is an important ornithological habitat for the observation of waterfowl in particular. Many rare species of water birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians live here.


The Starý Ples private district is located in the Hradec Králové Region, near the town of Jaroměř – Josefov, at an altitude of 254 m above sea level. In the middle of the pond there is a small island on which various species of birds nest and at the same time divides the water into several sections. Around the pond there is lush vegetation in the form of many trees and plants, which completes the unforgettable atmosphere of untouched nature.


In the Starý Ples district you will find a diverse fish crew from various localities in the Czech Republic in the form of many forms of common carp, koi carp, white grass carp, tench, eel, burbot, Russian sturgeon, Siberian sturgeon, pike, zander , perch. Of the weed fish perlin and roach. In the autumn of 2018, more than 250 carp were added in the area, and in 2019 another 100 carp weighing from 10 to 20 kg, as well as 150 white carp, so everyone can catch beautiful trophy fish here. Also worth mentioning are trophy pike, zander and other species of fish.

Fishing swims

Fishing swims are divided into places for caravans in the number of 8 swims, swims for fishing bivvy in the number of 9 swims and 2 swims with a log cabin for 4 people. There is a separate 230 V electricity connection for each fishing swim.

The price of the fishing permit includes parking in the area, drinking water, use of toilets and showers, boat rental, Wi-Fi, waste collection.

The area also includes a mill drive with a width of 6 m, a depth of 2.5 m and a length of 3 km, on which it is also possible to fish within the permit.

Along the whole drive there is unspoiled nature, which will be appreciated not only by lure fishing fishermen. This drive supplies the pond with clear oxygenated water.

Arrival to the fishing place is from 1:30 pm to 2 pm (if you arrive later, nothing happens, call 724 119 508, we will open the gate for you, you will find the fishing swim easily).

It is necessary to leave the fishing seim by 12 am.

Fishing on the mill drive is included in the price of the fishing permit.



1 person at one swim (2 rods) / 24 hours – 19 EUR

2 persons at one swim (each 2 rods) / 24 hours – 30 EUR


it is possible to buy a third rod / 1 day – 7,5 EUR (payment on the spot)

caravan – camper / 1 day – 3 EUR

accompanying person / 1 day – 3 EUR

when using an electric heater (direct heater) / 1 day – 10 EUR (payment on the spot)

fish mat rental (tray type) / 1 day – 3 EUR (payment on the spot)

landing net rental – 3 EUR

cottage for 4 persons / 1 day – 22,5 EUR


  • parking on a parking lot in the complex
  • use of toilet and shower
  • boat rental
  • each fishing place has a separate 230V electricity connection
  • drinking water available on site
  • Wi-Fi - throughout the area included in the price
  • garbage Collection

Tour's Location

Starý Ples, Jaromer, Czechia


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